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Welcome to BMC

We believe the use of “high end cellulosic biomass” is the lowest cost and most effective way for the world to address the climate change challenge.

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The major Benefit of using BMC products

Existing power generation infrastructure can be employed with the added benefit of making the energy production process cleaner.

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An Energy Independent Future

Long term with increased technology development, cellulosic biomass can replace the use of oil in almost all applications.

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Complete Value Chain Solution

BMC designs, develops and delivers highly efficient end-to-end solutions from the tree farm, to product creation, safely packed to ship, ready for use.

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Energy production that is good for the environment

BMC product produces a very low CO2 foot print. In complimentary fashion, increased use and productivity of tree farms increases CO2 absorption from the atmosphere.

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World class Executive Management

BMC is the ideal partner for solving global biomass energy challenges. Our internationally proven experts are in the business of maximizing energy output while minimizing environmental impact.

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Sunday, 11 Dec 2016


Wood Pellets to WoodCoal™

“High-end cellulosic biomass” is the lowest cost and most effective way for the world to address the climate change...

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The WoodCoal™ Advantage

Advantages of WoodCoal™ At BMC we believe that WoodCoal™ has several key advantages for society at...

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End to End Partner Turn-key Solutions

End to End Partner Turn-key Solutions

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Primary Facility

WoodCoal Facility In GA Opens

WoodCoal Facility In GA Opens

BMC began the construction of 750,000 ton capacity wood pellet plant began in Waycross, Ga. (equal to 3.75 TWh of thermal energy)on March 23rd of 2010. The plant began full production on May 12, of 2011. In addition to...

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BioMass Capital

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BioMass Capital (BMC) was founded in the Fall of 2007 by Mats Lindstrand, Erik Olsson, Tomas Jansson, Wes Lucas and Lennart Holm. The founders of BMC have as a group extensive experience managing and building business in... Read more


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